Certified Meditation Instructor Article on Meditation and Negative Emotions

Like any prayer or meditation, outside thoughts and emotions can emerge.  These sometimes negative emotions can affect one’s ability to find peace and meditate.  It is important to be able to channel out distractions and noise and emotions in meditation.

Negativity and emotions can follow us into meditation. Please also review our certified Meditation Instructor Program and see if it meets your professional goals

The article, “Negativity Coming Up When You Meditate? Here’s How To Work Through It” by Adreanna Limbach states,

“Meditating when you’re in a good mood is one thing. Meditating when you’re dealing with inner turmoil? That’s where the real work happens.”

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Meditation is about finding peace.  In finding peace, sometimes we need to learn how to channel out the distractions and negative emotions that will not allow one to meditate.  If you would like to learn more about meditation or would like to become a certified Meditation Instructor then please review the program and see if it matches your professional and academic goals.