Certified Grief Counselor Article on the Complexity of Grief

Grief while universal is definitely also unique and very complex.  The complexity of grief leads to a variety of reactions to loss due to multiple different origins.

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The article, “The Grief Experience: Survey Shows It’s Complicated” by Koenig takes a closer look at the complexity of grief.  She states,

“Many of us have the misperception that there’s a right way to grieve, and most people think they’re doing it wrong,” says Donna Schuurman, a family therapist and senior director of advocacy and training and at the Dougy Center, a Portland, OR, nonprofit that helps people deal with the death of a loved one. “We live in a society that wants us to get over it and move on.”

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Grief will always be a complicated emotion to fully understand but we can help others grieve in a healthy way.  We can understand the reasons behind each case and help those individuals cope with their grief in effective ways.  Please also review our Grief Counseling Courses and see if you would like to become a certified Grief Counselor.