Grief Counseling Courses Article on the Divorce and Loss

Divorce is a difficult loss that causes distress in every facet of life.   This is why divorce is so difficult.  One must not only overcome emotional loss but also financial loss and other norms.  One must adjust to an entire new life and this adjustment can be very difficult.

Divorce is a messy thing that leads to multiple losses and secondary ones. Please also review our Grief Counseling Courses

The article, “Why Overcoming Divorce Grief Is So Freakin’ Hard” by Kevin Finn states,

“Divorce is complicated (and it sucks) because you’re faced with seemingly non-stop social, emotional, legal, financial, and the everyday challenges of your new life. Everythingchanges and not always for the better – at least at first. Of course, all these changes trigger grief which you may think you understand because you’ve grieved before. ”

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