EFT Practitioner Program Article

EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique is a new and innovative energy healing practice.  It is based on the meridian points in the body and releasing negative energy but enabling energy to again flow freely through the body.

EFT can help unlock stress and trauma. Please review AIHCP’s EFT Practitioner Certification to learn more about EFT and if meets your goals

This is accomplished through a series of tapping procedures that are reinforced through verbal affirmations.   EFT looks to unblock energy through this manual like acupuncture tapping.  One can face past trauma and release the negative energy focused around it.  EFT can also help one with depression or stress.  It is an excellent way to calm a person facing a current issue.

EFT is relatively new but its ideas are age old and looks to help stressed individuals.  EFT Practitioners can guide and teach clients through the necessary steps of utilizing EFT.  EFT Practitioner certifications are offered by AIHCP.  AIHCP offers an online, self paced program for qualified professionals and counselors who would like to utilize this modality in their practice.

The effects of EFT are amazing.  EFT can help some clients quickly while others require longer sessions.   With guidance, individuals can also self master the practice after a few sessions for themselves.

If you would like to learn more about EFT, then please review the EFT Practitioner Program.