Grief Counseling Certification Article and Grief and Holidays

Sad article about the reality of grief for many during the holidays, especially during Christmas and Thanksgiving.  The empty seat is a terrible reminder to many of the lost loved one.  In learning to overcome this grief, it is good to unite the past with the present and bring their memory back to all.


The article, “A Thanksgiving Feast With Space At The Table For Grief”  by ADHITI BANDLAMUDI discusses the pain of loss for some during the Holidays and how to better cope and understand the grief.  The article states,

“Holidays can be hard for grieving families. In Charlotte, N.C. a support group called Mothers of Murdered Offspring, or MOM-O, has an annual tradition to help its members get through a season that can feel relentless: they host a Thanksgiving meal for local families who have lost a loved one to homicide.”

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Please also review our Grief Counseling Certification to learn more about grief, especially during the Holidays.