Meditation Instructor Program Article on Meditation and a Peaceful New Year

Good article for the New Year on mediation and how to become more peaceful.  The New Year can be hectic enough as the new calendar year begins and it may hard to find peace and traction.  This article lists five tips on how to get back into the post holiday groove and also find peace in the chaos of the New Year.

The article, 5 Meditation Tips to Start Your New Year in Peace, by  states,

“Between a costly Denver hailstorm and ongoing CDOT construction, Coloradans can agree: 2017 was a stressful year. To recover, try a silent meditation retreat at a local standby like the Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes. Of course, for rookies, all that quiet time might get heady.

Fear not. These tips will help you embrace your mental reset and tackle 2018 with a clear head—because if it’s anything like last year, you’re gonna need it.”

To read the tips and learn more, please read the entire article at this link here

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