Meditation Instructor Program Article on Calming Self Criticism

One of our loudest voices is our own.  We can be overly critical of ourselves at times.  We need to be able to calm ourselves and see ourselves as we truly are, in bad, but most importantly in good as well.  That sometimes involves not being so critical.  Yes, it is good to want to excel, but to much criticism can be a bad extreme.

Meditation can help us overcome ourselves and our criticisms.

The article, Try This Meditation Technique to Quiet Your Inner Critic Once and for All, by Michael Gollust states

“To develop more kindness for yourself, for your loved ones, even for people you can’t stand? Starting a practice of lovingkindness (known in the Buddhist tradition as metta), can help. The good news is you don’t have to be an expert meditator to try it; you can add it to your existing routine, or use it as an entry point into a new practice.”

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