Health Care Certifications from AIHCP and Training Secrets to Building Massive Muscles

How to build better muscles?
How to build better muscles?



Untold Training Secrets for Building Massive Muscles


A better understanding of nutrition is very rewarding for everyone because the information can be used appropriately depending on the person’s needs. It can prevent diseases, fight infection and body building. Proper nutrition and training coupled with the supplementation are the key to lose fat and build muscle.


These trainings and nutritional secrets are the following:


How Much Protein Is Needed by the Body

Protein is a part of everyone’s diet, it is a nutrient that can be sourced from plants and animals that plays an important role in the body. Dietary protein can be used for growth and repair. For a sedentary person, he needs. 75 gram/lb/day; a recreational athlete needs 1 gram/lb/day; a serious athlete needs 2 grams/lb/day.


Protein Cycling

Undergoing strength training will greatly increase the needed protein in the body and .75 grams/lb is inadequate. For a person who wants to build massive muscle, he must have a maximum protein intake of 3 grams/lb but should be administered gradually until it reaches the maximum rate. The direct intake of high protein rate can trigger the mechanisms in eliminating excess protein, in effect, the body cannot benefit from it.



Carbohydrate is very important in building massive muscle because it supplies energy to the body. It can be sourced from potatoes, cereals, vegetables and fruits. For people who are seriously working out to build muscle, the recommended carbohydrate intake is from 4-12 grams/lb/day.


Super Foods

Super foods are also known as functional foods. They provide health benefits, not just in the provision of energy and nutrients, but also treat the specific condition or a disease. Today, when talking about these super foods and how they can treat diseases and aids in building muscle are the major researches conducted by scientists and researchers. The information below is the list of super foods and what they can and cannot do for you.


  • Vitamins and Minerals – Generally, getting an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals is very essential to the body. This can be achieved through proper and balanced diet, but in recent studies, they show that there is a need for supplementation to get the necessary vitamins and minerals for the body.
  • Herbals – Latest studies show that herbal products like gingko, Echinacea and others provide protection for the body against different diseases. However, herbals are not life savers, in truth, they can maximize one’s life by helping the body cope up with diseases like colds to memory failures, moods and many others.
  • Supplements – Today, more and more consumers are posing a question: to drink supplements or not? There are so many reasons that can be attributed why there is an increasing interest of supplementation, one of this is the concern of getting inadequate nutrients from the foods we eat. In the pharmaceutical side, they believe that diet and exercise alone cannot achieve optimum nutrition. Some of the popular supplements that are available in the market today are testosterone, BCAAs and joint supplement. However, it is very essential to know which can provide health benefits and not just any promises claimed in advertisements to avoid spending huge amounts of money for nothing.


Important Factors about Supplements

Supplements may help achieve your goals to build massive muscles, but it is a crucial factor to choose the products that show the active ingredients used. Remember, do not be deceived when they claim to be natural because it does not follow that it is safe. For some they claim to have fat burner ingredients or for muscle growth and muscle recovery. In reality, some supplements have undesirable side effects to the body, to be sure about this, consult a doctor and discuss whether it is safe for your health to drink supplements.


Eat Good Fats

Eating good fats will make you feel good and look great. Health care providers agree that fat is important to maintain a good health. If you desire to have a healthy skin and faster metabolism, you must eat good fats. They can be sourced from nuts, avocados, fish, seeds and oils which are cold pressed but avoid saturated fats and fried foods because they can cause clogged arteries and high cholesterol.


Eat Different Foods

To protect one’s body and for muscle to build up, eat different types of foods, especially those colored vegetables and fruits to deliver a mix of minerals and nutrients. Eat different types of foods every month.




Author: This post is written by James Hundson a personal fitness expert. I enjoy varying routines of strength training and bodybuilding throughout the year.


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