Facing the Great Unknown and How to Become a Grief Counselor

After loss, the next chapter of our life is unknown and lonely but we can overcome it. If you would like to learn how to become a grief counselor then please review


American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Fear of death can cripple our own life.  It prevents us from understanding the temporal nature of life and for us to make the most of it while we are here.

It also causes us to avoid discussion about it.  This prevents many from having good life insurance or funeral plans.  It can also put other family members in the dark about what one wants with his or her belongings after death.

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In becoming a grief counselor, one must complete the required courses to become certified. After completing the courses, one is then eligible for certification.

If one wishes to become re-certified, then one needs to complete the required hours both academic and clinical.

Qualified professionals include social workers, nurses, healthcare professionals, counselors, ministers and other pastoral caregivers.  By becoming a certified grief counselor one can enhance their already existing career and be able to help others in need.

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