Program in Substance Abuse Counseling: Drugs and Drinking Fool People Into Thinking Everything Is Alright

The article “Using Drugs to Belong, Drinking to Manage Depression: Chiara de Blasio Tells Her Story of Substance Abuse.” by Dr. Tian Dayton states

“Chiara sounds like so many young people who struggle with belonging, or who hide feelings of depression or anxiety. She used pot and alcohol to manage emotional pain that she didn’t know what else to do with.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

In many cases, drugs and addiction mask many things.  In some cases its pain, suffering and despair that people do not wish to face.  In other cases, it is simply to fit in and belong in a certain setting.

Teens face enough pressure with their biological changes, much less finding out who they are.  Drugs, peer pressure and other external pressures can bring many teens to drugs.  Good parenting that is alert and aware of the needs of their children can help teens sort out the issues of how to belong.

In other cases where more severe depression exists, whether teen or adult, drugs can become a alternative that seems right.  This illusion has ruined many lives.  Again a certified substance abuse counselor can help.

AIHCP offers a program in substance abuse counseling.  The courses in this program help prepare qualified professionals to help others who suffer from addiction.  If you are interested in the program in substance abuse counseling, then please review the program

The Program in Substance Abuse Counseling covers primary courses that the qualified professional must take in order to become eligible for certification.  After taking these courses, the professional can become certified as a substance abuse counselor.  This certification lasts four years.


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