Christian Grief Courses: The Ways of Grief for a Christian

The article, “Grace for Our Grieving”, by Paul Tripp states

“Ministry, this side of eternity, will be marked by moments of grief, just like like Samuel’s.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals’ insight:

This is an excellent article on grief and the Christian faith.  It talks about how God sojours with us in our grief.  It talks about the grief that comes with grief and how grief can help us become stronger.  It also encourages Christians to not allow grief to damage our faith in God.

Christian grief courses are offered at AIHCP that examines these many issues.  Courses in Christian Grief can help the grief counselor who is Christian to better understand his or her own faith and train them to incorporate the science of bereavement with faith.

If you have any interest in Christian Grief Courses or certification, then please review the program.  The program is open to grief counselors who have completed all the required basic grief courses.  They are eligible to take the Christian Grief courses and become certified in this sub specialty.

Bare in mind, Christianity has a unique view on suffering and grief and this program helps highlights those ideals.  They teach the grief counselor about the many theological ideas on good, evil, suffering, the role of Christ in suffering, and the merit of suffering in this world.


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