With Time and Grace God Can Help Good Change

The article, “No Quick Fixes in God’s Plan”, by Cortni Marrazzo states

“The beginning of a new year is so full of possibilities. I personally love this time of year because I always love a fresh start.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals’ insight:

This article looks at how New Year Resolutions come and go, but it takes more than a quick vow to change something or a few days.


If we are targeting a vice, we need to focus on eliminating and not become distraught when we fall, or too eager when we succeed.  Habits are difficult to overcome.  Quick fixes are a myth.

With God, we grow and part of the journey is overcoming our sinful nature and reflecting the will of God.  This takes time.  It also means a lot of bruises, but God understands this and the harder we try the more he blesses us.  When we do fall, we get back up and his loving hand is there to lift us.


In moral theology, when one is trying to remove themselves from a sinful habit, the chance of a habit reoccurring is understood.  This can reduce the culpability of the agent.  God’s mercy is thrown at us if we have even the slightest intent of changing and if we fall.  God understands that vices and habits are hard to change.  As a man, Christ experienced the ways of the world, and as God and man, he understands the struggles we go through.


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