Using Meditation to Reduce Stress, Prevent Burnout in Medical Professionals | Health content from EHS Today


American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Stress is not foreign to medicial professionals.  Nurses, physicians and other health care professionals face long hours, live or die situations and multiple emergencies.  It is no wonder that health care professionals need some sort of stress management advice or practice.  The mere requirements of the job demand focus and skill with no time to relax.  Stress management and meditation are critical during the off time for these individuals to be able to recharge and relax.

With this type of stress, many professionals are utilizing meditation as a way to reduce stress and prevent burnout.  Certified Stress Management Consultants can help you reduce stress through a variety of techniques, including meditation.

If you are interested in learning more about stress management, then please review this informative article.  Qualified health care professionals can become certified stress management consultants through the program at AIHCP.  By simply taking the core courses in stress management, health care professionals can become certified stress management consultants.

After three years, certified stress management consultants can renew their certification.  In that time period they need 500 hours of practice and fifty hours of continuing education courses.


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