Dementia Patients Still Getting Dangerous Antipsychotic Drugs In Nursing Homes

Are you interested in legal nurse consulting ?
Are you interested in legal nurse consulting ?

The article, “Dementia Patients Still Getting Dangerous Antipsychotic Drugs In Nursing Homes”, by Howard Gleckman states

“More than one out of every five nursing home residents is still being given powerful antipsychotic drugs despite a growing consensus that they are inappropriate and often dangerous.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Nursing homes are still giving out certain dangerous antipsychotic drugs for dementia patients.  Legal cases are are on the move as angry families demand justice.  The pain of having to leave a family member in a nursing home is hard enough but it is made even more difficult when improper care is given to a parent or grandparent.  This is especially true in the case of Dementia where the loved one does not even have the capability to know what is going on.   Nurses who are interested in legal nurse consulting can have a huge impact in these type of cases.

 As said,  Legal nurse consultants could play a major role in these cases.  Attorneys need the insight and professional medical opinions of legal nurses to carry out their investigation of cases.  A career in legal nurse consulting can be a beneficial one for a nurse who wishes to trade in some of her bedside care for victims of malpractice.  As a Legal nurse, you can actually help the victims and bring your expert testimony to the courts.

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