Philippines typhoon aftermath: Religion as solace

The article, “Philippines typhoon aftermath: Religion as solace”, by Jethro Mullen states

“The day after the typhoon, Father Edwin Bacaltos stepped out of the compound of the Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in central Tacloban and began his work.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Where was God admist such suffering and pain?  This is a good question and even Christians in moments of despair, feel the need to call it out.  It is human nature to question and become frustrated but like Job, we must find true understanding.

If our life revolves around a contract with God instead of a covenant, then we do not truly love him.   We are his servants and love him for him, not what he does or does not do.

His will is beyond ours and while blatant suffering is not good, nor willed by the Father, nature nevertheless, in this fallen world does strike.

Human free will can also strike us.  So we must be ready for man made evils as well.  The fact is God is there with us during these things.  The world, as a fallen place, is what hurts us, never our Lord

But in these dark times, God’s presence is felt through the help of other good people, or aid.

Christian Counselors should remind their clients as well, that our God did not merely abandon us and teach us through word only but became man and suffered for us and shared in every discomfort we have.  This is a God of action not a God speaking from a distant throne.

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