How To Start Meditating — And Stick With It

How To Start Meditating
How To Start Meditating

The article “5 Ways to Get Your Meditation Practice on Track”, by Michael W. Taft states

“We all know by now that mindfulness meditation can create positive changes in your life. It works, but you pretty much have to practice it every day to really reap the benefits.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Want to Learn How to Start Meditating?

Many times we will start something up, just to later quit it down the road.   This often happens with a new exercise routine or a diet.    It can also happen to meditation.   Lucky there are ways to stick with meditation.

Once you have learned how to start meditating, use these tricks of the trade to stay with it.   Try simple things like scheduling it.    More often than not if you write something down and say at 5 PM I need to meditate, you are more likely to do it.    Something simple as writing it down mentally makes us feel the need to complete it.

Try group meditation.   Social pressure can have a big pull at staying with something.    Having someone else lean on you to meditate with them is an excellent way to stay motivated for something.     By doing this you and a friend can help better each other.

Try to schedule your meditation during the time of day where you will be the least distracted.    During that time turn off your phone, computer, tv, etc and dedicate yourself to your meditation.   Do not let anything stop you.   View it as your personal time.

Meditation is easy to do and to teach if you have the right education.    The American Institute of Health Care Professionals has an excellent online meditation instructor certification.   If you feel you would make a good teacher then maybe this is someone you should look into further.

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