In Faith We Find Forgiveness

Christian Counselors and Helping People Receive God’s Forgiveness

This Sunday, I heard a very interesting sermon on the healing of the bleeding woman and about faith.  I would like to surmise it for Christian Counselors to maybe also use when helping people receive the grace of forgiveness from Christ.

In the Gospel of St. Luke, Jesus cured the bleeding woman.  She was considered unclean by Jewish law.  While the Book of Job demonstrated that sin is not directly correlated with sickness, the Jewish people of that time still held strong to the opinion that sickness and sin were directly related.  Due to this, she was considered a sinner and an outcast.

With great faith and great courage she touched the garment of the Jesus.  Jesus later told her, “your faith has healed you”.   After she was healed, she no longer dwelt upon the past but embraced her healing and new life.

Our faith also heals us.  When he have faith that God will forgive and heal us of our spiritual maladies, then we find a peace and love of God.  Through the sacrifice of Christ, our sins are forgiven and the grace of the Holy Spirit fills our soul, but we must have faith that through Christ, our sins are forgiven.  We must also embrace our new life.  Like the woman who was healed through faith, she did not later again begin to bleed, but remained healed.  We too must understand that God will heal us spiritually.  We cannot fall back into sin or linger in the past but instead rejoice in the present for our healing.

Once healed, the time for remorse is over, it is now time to rejoice and spread the mercy of God to others.  The woman did not fall back into sickness but became a follower of Christ, so we must too after receiving our spiritual healing, not fall back into sin, or remorse, but instead allow the Spirit to flower within us and bring Christ to others.

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Mark Moran, MA

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