What is a Health Coach? And How Can They Help You?


American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

What is a Health Coach?

In the healthcare landscape of America, most people react to their illnesses by going to the doctor.   The doctor looks them over and usually give them instructions and medication.    This reaction to sickness has caused doctors and healthcare professionals to become overworked.   Many doctors are now even telling their patients to take preventative measures such as more exercise and eating a healthier diet.   This leads to the question is life coaching advice better for you than an overworked doctor?

First what is a health coach and how can a health coach help you?  Simple!   Health coaching professionals specialize in dieting and exercise.   With their knowledge, they help you eat healthy and keep your body good physical and mental condition.    Many times being physically fit helps boost your immune system.

We are not saying a health coach should replace your doctor completely.   If you are sick please see a doctor!  What is being suggested is take preventative care of your body through healthcare coaching advice.    Keep your heart and lungs in good shape by doing moderate cardio exercises.   Keep your body lean by lifting and eating a proper healthy diet.    All of these things add up and increase your overall health.    By staying in good shape you can prevent the need to go to the doctor by preventing the illness from “getting you sick” to begin with!

So it is suggested that instead of sitting and waiting for your next cold, why not try and prevent it with healthcare coaching tips.    If you are interested in learning more about online health coach training courses please visit the American Institute of Health Care Professionals.   They offer online continuing education courses in several healthcare areas.

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