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The article, “Strengthening Experiences From Patients While Dying”, by Dr T. Jared Bunch, MD states

“Death is a great part of the human experience. It is often an experience that we will not go through alone.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Pastoral Care of the dying is about treating the whole person.  This article looks at how we can help the dying move to the next world.  So many times in the past, we have seen the dying pass away in a sterile hospital environment with death being seen as the enemy.

information on pastoral thanatology
information on pastoral thanatology


When we accept death and that we are now terminal, we still try to live but we understand that quality of the short time in all doubt left is critical.  Being treated and understood as a human being is critical but also the fact that we see death not as a complete adversary although we try to flee it but more as a part of life.


Our Pastoral Thanatology Program helps train individuals in the art of pastoral care to the dying.  After completing the required courses, you are then eligible to become certified in Pastoral Thanatology.


If you have any questions about our program or need any information on Pastoral Thanatology, then please review the program. In the meantime, enjoy the blog and browse the site



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