Certified in Grief Counseling: Medical Controversies and Advancements: Brain Scans at Emory University Suggest Best Treatment for Depression

Consider becoming certified in grief counseling
Consider becoming certified in grief counseling
American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Scans of the brain can help doctors see what type of grief therapy is best for depressed people; Whether talk therapy or medication?  This scientific and medical break through can save time and help the person recover quicker.

Grief therapy is a critical element in recovery for the bereaved.  The licensed counselor who is also certified in grief counseling can help others with grief therapy.  But keep in mind, unlicensed counselors who are also certified in grief counseling cannot provide grief therapy but must refer clients who show symptoms of complicated grief.

If you are a healthcare professional, counselor, social worker, minister, funeral director or caregiver looking to become certified in grief counseling, then please review the program.  If the program matches your academic and professional needs you could be a certified grief counselor.

After taking the core courses, professionals are eligible to become a certified grief counselor.  The core courses help prepare the professional academically for the knowledge required to be a competent grief counselor.

Re-certification occurs every three years. After academic and clinical hours during the three year span, professionals are eligible for re-certification in grief counseling.  Fifty hours are required of Continuing Education while five hundred hours are required in clinical care.

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