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reduce stress
Reduce stress before it drives you insane!

The article, “‘Pinterest stress’ not just for moms?” by Eric Mack states

“Almost half of women get stressed out trying to live up to the standards set on social media, according to a survey. ‘Pinterest stress’ is also a problem in the home of Crave writer Eric Mack, but not for the woman of the house.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Reduce Stress By Learning To Avoid Your Stressors.

Here is a new form of stress, social media stress.   As it turns out some people are affected by this.   For some their virtual presents leads to stress.    Again for some this can be a very real form of stress.    Learn to deal with it becomes an important step in relaxation.   Fear not, stress relief is as easy as turning off the computer and going outside.  Turns out an easy way to reduce stress in this situation is to log off.   I guess this world takes all kinds.

Another great way to help reduce and avoid social media stress is to not immediately reply to posts.    Type something out on a word pad and let it sit for a few minutes.   If after cooling down you still feel like posting it then do it.    Lastly do not get caught up on how many friends you have or how many likes your comments received.   There are more important things in the world than facebook.

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