Keeping Our Conscience Sharp

Christian Counseling and a Certain and Right Conscience

Christian Counselors need to constantly remind people of sharpening their conscience.  Our consciences can become weak overtime when we are overexposed to secular life and immoral conversation, pictures and friends.

Keeping a strong conscience requires examination and prayer
Keeping a strong conscience requires examination and prayer

With this in mind, it is extremely important to watch our company and to constantly train ourselves to feel the slightly prick from the slightest sin.  By examination of conscience each night, we can review our daily activity and acknowledge if our actions conformed with Christ.  We should not fall into the despair of scruples, but maintain a healthy reaction to each failure.  In our failures is our human nature and Christ does not wish to haunt us with them but merely to acknowledge them and have a firm purpose of amendment.

It is truly amazing when one begins to realize the “pleasures” of past that are truly seen in their true light.  The will pursues these illusionary goods, as Eve purused the forbidden fruit.  With a sharper conscience, we are more attuned with the Holy Spirit and his grace.  We are able to detect the dirt of sin and the littlest stain on our soul upsets us.  This is the type of certain and rightly formed conscience we need.

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Mark Moran, MA

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