Sheriff adds crisis intervention to deputies.

crisis intervention
crisis intervention

The article, “Greene Co., Mo. sheriff adds crisis intervention to deputies job description” by Jonah Kaplan states

“Authorities in Springfield, Missouri say mental illnesses play a major role in crimes today. That’s why they’re joining forces with psychologists for a crisis intervention training program.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals’ insight:
Local sheriff to add crisis intervention to his deputies job descriptions.   How do you feel about this?  Do you think it is a waste of tax payers’ money or a needed skill for law enforcement officers?
If you answered yes to the last two questions then you might want to rethink your stance or at least hear another side of the story.   Police officers are usually the first on the scene of a crime or a crime in progress.   Quick action is usually needed to stop something from escalating into a serious situation.   Crisis intervention trained officers is a great way to prepare officers to respond to a number of special situations.   Would you want a shoot first and ask questions later approach or would you prefer a logical, well trained approach?
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