Christian Mentorship: Ireland Forever Christian

Christian Mentorship: St. Patrick’s Legacy

A slave who became bishop and patriarch of Ireland forever changed the destiny of Ireland.  Once a pagan people controlled by the druids, St. Patrick would forever change the spiritual values of a people who would never waver from Christianity once it was imprinted.  Those interested in Christian Mentorship can find a great example in St. Patrick
This is the legacy of St. Patrick.  As he drove the snakes from Ireland, he also drove out any satanic or pagan element remaining within the people.  The people of Ireland would forever hold strong to their Christian faith, not just as a spiritual gift but a national identity.
While today struggles continue in Europe as people neglect their faith, Ireland still fights the spiritual war against materialism.  Marred by the sex abuse scandal, the people still fight for their faith and values, demanding reform instead of revolt.  Ireland cannot separate itself from its Christian identity.  This is the legacy of St. Patrick.
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