Better End of Life Decisions Come From Better Communication

Grief Counseling: End of Life Decisions

End of Life decisions are best made well before the final moments.  Health care professionals who are better equipped with knowledge in handling these situations can serve the entirety of their patients better.   The needs of the patient and suggestions of the caregiver should be an open mutual forum between each other and the suggestions of other family members.  Communication is the key.

The article, “Give patients end-of-life options”, by Joan M. Teno states

“The urban dictionary defines “cheech” as a verb used among physicians in training that refers to the act of ordering every conceivable radiological and laboratory test for a patient, often to diagnose a condition that once diagnosed is untreatable. Thirty years ago, the macabre joke during my three-month stint as an intern in the medical ICU was first cheech, then death.”

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The Bereavement Counseling Training Program consists of core courses for working professionals.  Included in that are social workers, ministers, licensed funeral directors, licensed nurses and other health care professionals.  A certification from the Bereavement Counseling Training Program can help enhance a working professional’s already flourishing career.
The Bereavement Counseling Training Program works by completing the required courses.  After completing the required courses, one can become certified.
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