Holistic Health Care: Not All Calories Are Created Equal.

picture of fruit
Holistic health care suggests eating more of these and reducing other sugar sources like soda, candy, and processed foods.

Holistic Health Care Information: All Calories Are NOT Equal.

The article, “Still Believe ‘A Calorie Is a Calorie’?”, by Robert Lustig, M.D. states

“If you do, you fly in the face of mounting and incontrovertible evidence that some calories — in particular, “sugar calories” — are jeopardizing both your and your family’s health. Physicians and politicians who cling to the dogma that “all calories should be treated equally” imperil our country’s health care system, food supply and standing in the world for the next hundred years.”

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Armed with the correct holistic health care advice you can choose what calories should enter your body.   Try to eat less simple sugars and replace them with natural sugar found in fruit and benefit from a boost in fiber as well.   Avoid transfats and saturated fats.  Instead try to eat more omega-3 fatty acids to benefit your heart.   If we can train ourselves to eat smart, we will see an increase in our health and a decrease in our waist lines.
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