Holistic Diet and Exercise Helped Girl Drop 107 Pounds!

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Ditch the soda and make big changes. Adopt a holistic diet today!

How a Holistic Diet and Proper Exercise can Lead to a Big Change!

The article, “Sorority girl drops 107 pounds”, by Polina Marinova states

“Brittni Garcia’s family didn’t go out for walks; they went out for dinner. And when they were at home, they enjoyed watching movies, playing board games and eating big Mexican-style home-cooked meals.
This lazy lifestyle led Garcia to weigh more than 200 pounds by the eighth grade.”.

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If you noticed the lady in the story did not simply use proper exercise and a good holistic diet, she lived it.   She made big changes in her life and stuck to them.   Sure holistic nursing advice played a part, but most of it was her will to change her life around.
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