Certified Christian Counselors: Black Friday and the Cult of Materialism

Certified Christian Counselors Need to Condemn Black Friday

Thank you God on Thursday, give me more on Friday.  Christian love on Thursday, Neo-Pagan hate on Black Friday.  The materialism seen here is alarming as so-called Christians attempt to balance their act of good Christian with greedy heathen.  Certified Christian Counselors need to emphasize to their spiritual children the dangers of the Cult of Materialism.
Black Friday brings out the worst in America.  Shoving, pushing, name calling, and capitalistic greed are all on display for the world to see.  As people trade their human dignity away and become like rats in a race, they are whistled forward in a surge of human cattle as the commercial doors open.  People have historically been injured and died in these races for a mere object.
This sickening display only a day withdrawn from Thanksgiving is an insulting to what we celebrated the day before.  The day before, we solemnly thank God for what he has given us, but on Black Friday how many of us covet more, more, more and more?  It is fine to desire something, but when it becomes a sick obsession void of Christian charity and that places spirituality second to materialism, then this vice becomes a true problem.  And Black Friday displays this vice oh so well.
Christ in the Gospel of Luke spoke of the parable of the rich man who instead of thanking God, hoarding his material goods.  He continued to collect and collect, with no regard for others or his spiritual needs.  Do we resemble him at times?
If we do go out on this pagan feast of Black Friday, let us with Christian love, kindness, and an understanding that material goods are second to spiritual ones.  Please, let us also remember how thankful we should already be for what we possess.  If possible, try to boycott this day and let the capitalists of three percent America understand that Christians do not play this twisted “game”.
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Mark Moran