Sarah York’s "Remembering Well"-An Excellent Guide for Pastoral Professionals

Grief Counseling Review: Remembering Well

From a standpoint of one who deals with grieving families, this short work is a must have in one’s grief counseling library.   Grief Counselors come across a myriad of issues and challenges in the aftermath of death.  When grief counselors, pastoral counselors, funeral directors, or ministers are asked to aid in the memorial of a lost loved one, it can become a difficult task to deal with in a professional but also compassionate manner.  This text answers many of the problems one will face and helps guide the pastoral professional.
From preparation to guidelines on preparing a soul sketch, “Remembering Well: Rituals for Celebrating Life and Mourning Death” is an excellent guide.  Beyond the mere planning, the text also helps the pastoral professional deal with unexpected inner family conflicts, types of deaths and even how to help family members beyond the funeral.  Yet far from a clinical text, this book also offers a personal touch of real stories that correlate with the information provided.  This creates an informative work but also a readable story that touches the human heart.
Sarah York masterfully interweaves her knowledge with her experience to create an excellent guide for any pastoral professional.  If you are interested in learning more about Sarah York, please visit her website at
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Mark Moran, MA