Christian Counseling Certification: What is Halloween?

Christian Counseling Certification: Trick or Treat or Good and Evil

Halloween and the Dance of the Dead.  Also if you are interested in our Christian Counseling Certification, then please review
Halloween and the Dance of the Dead. Also if you are interested in our Christian Counseling Certification, then please review
How do Christian Counselors address Halloween?  Halloween has it origins from the ancient Druids who would seek sacrifice of children for their pagan deities.    This dated back to the Samhein.  This was the last harvest of the Fall and was also associated with the coming of Winter.  The dead were considered to have more power on this day and variety of sacrifices were offered for protection–some of which were human.
Later the feast would represent All Hallows Eve, or the eve before all Saints Day.  Still the day in accordance with its pagan history and its influence in the occult is far from saintly.  While secular society has commercialized it into a day of fun and tricks with parties, trick or treating and costumes, many neo pagans maintain its sacredness.
Christians contend it is a day of evil where pagan deities are once again revered and the power of Satan is at its highest.  The neo-pagan connection with the dead is highest this day as various pagan celebrations commerate the last harvest and the memory of the dead.
While many neo-pagans may deny any satanic activity, Christians contend the evil nature of the feast and practice pious traditions of prayer and protection.  In such ways, even the ancients prayed for protection with the carving of Jack-O-Laterns.  While Christians instead seek the protection of Christ, one can still see the fear and dread people have of evil spirits on this day!
Christian Counselors should not entirely deny people the festivity of Halloween.  Instead, they should emphasize how the eve gives way to the dawn of All Saints Day and of Christ’s ultimate victory over evil.  Furthermore, one should not avoid the secular festivities of the day but enjoy the fun of costumes and the chance to play tricks and scare one another.  If one wishes, wear a costume that reflects goodness instead of evil.
Yet underneath the festivities,  Christians should still say at least a small prayer and remember the evil roots of this obscure holiday.
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Mark Moran, MA