Christian Counseling Certification: Discipleship Video

Christian Counseling Certification: Are You A True Disciple?

If you are a true disciple of Christ, then Christ is not just Sunday conversation but a reality in your interior and meditative life.  Furthermore, you seek Christ in everyone and spread his message to everyone.  The video below shows the true nature of discipleship.  Please click on it and share.
If you are interested in Christian Counseling and Discipleship, please review the program and click here.
The Christian Counseling courses in this program help qualified professionals become certified as Christian Counselors at AIHCP
AIHCP’s Christian Counseling Certification is an excellent program to help certified Christian Counselors achieve recognition in their practice.
The Christian Counseling Certification program consists of core courses.  After completing these courses one can become certified.  Recertification in the Christian Counseling Certification program takes place after three years.