Pet Loss Grief Counseling Is Important

Why is Pet Loss Grief Counseling Important?

Pet Loss Grief Counseling is important because it caters to a disenfranchised group of grievers.  How many lose a pet but their grief is dismissed as inconsequential or not important because it did not involve a death of a friend or family  member?  Noone’s grief should ever be dismissed but accepted and recognized.
The reality is many people need help in overcoming the sorrows of losing a pet.  Children, the elderly, and pet lovers all need guidance when they lose a life long friend.  For some, a pet is all they have or ever tasted of love.  Pet Loss Grief Counseling can help people work through the sorrow of pet loss and find wholeness again.
You can become pet grief certified as well if you meet the basic requirements of the American Academy of Grief Counseling.

(Rev. Bears is a fictional character and is not a certified pet loss grief counselor)

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