Holistic Nursing and Fighting Fatigue

Holistic Nursing: Are You Always Tired?

Constant or chronic fatigue is not normal and can be dangerous signs but most times it merely has to do with habit and diet.  Holistic Nurses or life coaches can help one find better ways to preserve and gain energy.
The first thing to consider is one’s diet.  If one is eating poorly and irregularly, then their energy levels will fluctuate with this diet.  All professionals encourage those who suffer from chronic fatigue to eat better according to the food pyramid.  In some cases, supplements may also be encouraged that include various herbs that promote higher levels of energy.
The second thing to consider is one’s level of physical activity.  This may seem like a contradiction, but simply by pushing oneself to exercise, one enhances energy and allows the blood to flow throughout the body.  A good sweat for the body is always a good thing.
Third, one needs to create better sleep routines.  If one does not get at least 8 hours of sleep, then one will suffer fatigue throughout the day.  Also consistent schedules that involve consistent bed times and naps are critical.  Unfortunately, many like to “burn the candle” at both ends with excessive work or excessive drinking with little rest.
Fourth, stop unhealthy habits.  If you smoke, or drink too much, then your body will not respond well to exercise and be depleted of important vitamins and minerals.
Finally, one needs to learn how to relax.  Enjoy one’s time off.  Relax on Sunday and save work for the weekdays.  Also, one is encouraged to utilize various natural remedies that enhance relaxation, such as yoga or meditation.
If you are interested in learning about healthier living, you should consider reviewing our holistic nursing or health care life coach certification programs.