Crisis Intervention Education for Substance Abuse

Crisis Intervention Utilized in Substance Abuse

Crisis intervention education
Crisis intervention education is the rope of salvation for some substance abusers
The United States requires very strict and conservative laws pertaining to the use of mind altering substances. For example, a majority of the countries in Western Europe have drinking laws that allow an individual whom is either 16 or 18 years of age to consume alcohol legally. However in the United States the legal age for an individual to consume alcohol is at least 21 years of age. This demographic information is relevant to the prevalence and continuing incidence of Crisis Intervention for acute and chronic substance abusers, because of the evolution of culturally accepted norms. Recent sociological surveys have produced substantial evidence comparing and contrasting similar cohorts of age groups from both the United States and many countries located in Western Europe. The evidence seems to consistently portray that the introduction of alcohol at an earlier age may actually reduce the incidence of Crisis Intervention Education in populations who abuse alcohol
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