Holistic Nursing News: Viamin D Could Help Hospitals

The letter D outlined with fresh fruits
I did not know the D stood for Delicious!

Hospitals Using A Little Holistic Nursing To Prevent HAIs

The article, “Raising Vitamin D Concentrations May Reduce Hospital Acquired Infection Rates”, by Grace Rattue

“In the United States, hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are the leading cause of death in the health care arena, with over 1.7 million cases per year and 100,000 deaths. Now, new research shows that the risk of hospital-acquired infections could be significantly reduced by increasing vitamin D concentrations among hospital patients.”

For the full article please go here.

Vitamin D is nothing new to holistic nursing professionals.   For years we have known how good it is for us.   However in recent years, people have stopped going outside as much and our levels of D are slowly dropping.    So we should all do ourselves a favor and take a nice long walk on a sunny day.    Our immune system will thank us!
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