Loss of a Pet: Elderly and Pets

Elderly and Pets

In many cases, the loss of a pet can be an extraordinary pain for an elderly person.  This is especially for elderly who have lost many family members and their spouse.  In many cases, the pet was probably the last attachment they had in the world.
The loss of a pet in these cases needs to be treated more seriously.  Counselors need to pay special attention to the elderly.  Without something or someone to care for, the elderly can fall into depression or lose the will to live.
If the elderly person is healthy enough, a new pet or a hobby should be sought after.  Constant care and diligence is needed by counselors in the care of the elderly in these cases, unfortunately, time and manpower sometimes is not enough for these unfortunate lonely souls.
Pet loss can be in some cases the final blow to their well being but with someone who understands pet loss and has the ability to help heal the wounds, then perhaps the person can find some identity in this loss and rebound from it.
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Mark Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C