Holistic Cures for Itchy Mosquito Bites

A mosquito biting someone
Little blood suckers!







Summer is officially here and that means warm weather, swimming, and mosquitoes.    Lucky for us all there is holistic cures to help with those annoying, itchy bites.  Scratch a bite only makes it worse and could lead to an infection if you happen to break the skin.  So before you reach for a processed chemical solution or scratch the bite until its raw, try these holistic health care remedies.   For example, try putting a cold pack on your bite next time.   You can also try a dab of honey or a used tea bag.

Holistic Cures for When Mosquitoes Attack!

The article, “Mosquito Bite Treatment: 14 Natural Ways To Ease The Itch”, by Sarah Klein states

“Mosquitoes can carry life-threatening diseases, but for many people, torturous itchiness feels like more of a threat.”

For the full article please go here.

There are plenty of holistic cures out there for all sorts of other summer aliments.  Perhaps we will discuss them in later posts.

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