Holistic Nursing Nutrition: The Dirty Dozen.

A man wearing a mask and gloves to spray pesticides on a tree
If you have to wear protective gear to spray it then why do you want to eat it?











Holistic nursing can teach us a lot about healthy habits.   Little changes that we can do to keep us health, sometimes wealthy, and more than often wise.   We are going to talk about the healthy and wise parts today.   There is a group of fruits and vegetables known as the “Dirty Dozen” and it is not because they are led by Lee Marvin.   These are the most pesticide ridden fruits and vegetables.   The chemicals in this group have been found to cause neurodevelopmental problems in children and infants.   This alone defeats the purpose of eating healthy to begin with!

Holistic Nursing “Dirty Dozen” List

The article, “Dirty Dozen: EWG Reveals List Of Pesticide-Heavy Fruits And Veggies”, Source: Huffington POst

“What could be purer than a single ingredient?
As health-minded consumers work to avoid processed meals and turn their focus to whole foods, we may find ourselves picking up fruits and veggies more often. The average American currently eats about 100 pounds of fresh produce per year, but that number could be a lot higher.”

For the full list and article please go here.

Holistic nursing suggests that you always try and purchase certified organic produce from this list.    Holistic nutrition does you no good if you are contaminating your body with pesticides.   If you cannot find these fruits and vegetables organically near you then ALWAYS make sure you wash them before use.

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