Work, Burnout and Stress Management Strategies

The Stress of Burnout

Whether we would like to admit it or not, at one time or another, we have all experienced burnout.  Constant deadlines, long hours, lack of sleep and no vacations all lead to this natural breaking down of the physical and mental body.  Stress management strategies are essential to maintaining a healthy outlook and preventing burnout.  Below are a few good tips on how to prevent or deal with burnout.  These ideas come from Ruth Luban and her article “Proven Ways You Can Combat Burnout” in the April 1997 Edition of Vitality.
1.  Breathing Exercises
2. Establishing boundaries between work and personal life
3. Celebration of a task completed before starting a new task.
4. Being still and finding a quiet place or spot during break.
5. Delegate a particular task for each day instead of downloading them all at once
6. Do not over schedule one’s time, whether at home or on vacation.
7. Count one’s blessings and realize you have alot of good things happening to you
8. Take control of situations and realize if you created it you can solve it
9. Leave yourself a message to relax and not to take everything so serious and to put the stress or task in perspective with life and death
10. Affirm in the morning that today will be a good day–usually verbally to yourself
11. Be patient with yourself, burnout and stress takes time to overcome

In the end, burnout is chaos, order can bring calm and peace, but only when you are ready to take control of the situation and find the peace that can exist.  No life is so hectic that one cannot find time for peace.
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