Strategies to Reduce Stress at Work

Stressed at Work?

Are you stressed at work?
Are you stressed at work?
If you feel stressed at work and want to learn how to reduce stress at work, then you are not alone.  Numerous people share in that stress whether its a deadline, task or intolerable boss.  The key is removing the stress.  When I think of removing stress and intolerable bosses I automatically smirk and think of the movie, “Horrible Bosses”, but  I assure you “knocking off” your boss is not the answer!  So sit back, RELAX, and review these few tips.
The key is to decompress yourself at work.  First, be sure to take time to exercise.  Whether it is five or ten minutes worth of stretching or a short walk around the office building, one will feel a physical difference and less tension.   This not only allows one to stand and walk around but it also gives one an outlet to escape the chaos and confusion of the work place when needed.
From a spiritual standpoint, prayer, meditation and soothing sounds, if possible, may also contribute to a more peaceful day.  A healthier mindset can help prevent the stresses others my bring.  A spiritual mindset also helps one deal with others with a heart of charity and understanding.  It also allows one to see daily crosses and stresses as ways to gain spiritual  merit.
Finally, food intake is critical.  Take your time at lunch.  People who rush lunch or eat while working are more prone to stress.  Also consider what you eat.  Healthier foods can optimize one’s mental and physical output and help reduce stress.
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(Information from Community Counseling Clinic, Youngstown State University)