Holistic Nursing Training

The Holistic Life Meets Nursing

You are a practicing vegan. You keep yourself fit with yoga and maintain your equilibrium with daily meditation exercises. It is difficult to explain to stressed meat-eating friends how you have changed your lifestyle contrary to popular belief but you did it for yourself and for your loved ones. Being a carnivorous, stressed out, middle-aged woman living a sedentary lifestyle fits the profile of a disaster waiting to happen. When you decided to take up holistic nursing training you were changed for good. To a walking advertisement for the practice of holistic integrative health, you modified your diet for health reasons. You feel lighter after meals made out of plants and plant products while maintaining your satiated state by snacking on nuts and seeds. You began practicing yoga to release restless energy and help your sleep. Eventually, you were feeling much stronger now that when you were much younger. You have not been sick in years. You learned about the merits of meditation to keep you away from medication. In the end, you were the first patient helped by your new profession