A Meditation Guide for Mental Clarity

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Many see meditation has strange, weird or foreign.   Others see meditating as a spiritual or religious practice.   For those that know how to meditate, they know its true meaning.  When you meditate you are simply becoming aware of what you are doing and who you are.   This could mean focusing on an aspect of yourself or focusing on nothing at all and enjoying the silence.   When we use meditation to become aware of ourselves, we often learn.   We learn about what matters and how to deal with what does not.   Through daily meditation we can embrace love and reject stress.   We can prioritize our day to make space for what really matters.  Daily meditating can bring a peace to our lives that many are silently crying out for.   How can you achieve this freedom you ask?   An excellent article details how:

A Meditation Guide for Mental Clarity

The article, “GPS to a Quiet Mind: 6 Meditative Steps to Freedom”, by Ed and Deb Shapiro states

“Meditation is simple and transformative, yet it is highly misunderstood. Some people think it is about controlling our mind or stopping our thinking, while others see it as both weird and wacky or boring and meaningless.”

For the full article please go here.

Meditation does not have to take all day either.  Use these 6 steps to find your center and make meditating a daily practice in your life.
If you want to learn more about meditation then you should check out our page.

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  1. Can someone settle this dispute for me? Are they all the same…since all are meant to basically help change your outlook/mental well being? Can meditation and/or guided relaxation be used instead of self hypnosis to break bad habits? Or does self hypnosis teach you something different?
    Just trying to end a dispute between two friends. **rolling my eyes**

  2. I was just wondering because i know the soling do it to strengthen them self and there strength and muscular endurance
    if i mediate before i do push ups and that will i be able to do more? as a mental thing? is there any info on this or guides? thanks send links please bye!

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