Health Coaching Advice for your 40’s

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Health coaching suggests plenty of rest, a little exercise and a healthy diet.















Health coaching advice for everyone over 40 is simple; stay active, get your sleep, and eliminate toxins in your life.    Daily exercise, a holistic diet, and 8 hours of sleep are all you need!  Health coaches suggest that you start out slowly at first and integrate all of these steps into your daily life.   Wellness coaches say you should start with what you put in your body.   Health care coaching is all about healthy eating and a health lifestyle after all.    Start by making your own foods and not relying on manufactured foods such as fast food or premade foods from your supermarket.    Next wellness coaching tip is to exercise.  It could be something as small as 10 to 15 minute of exercise right after you wake up.    For a full 8 week schedule of what health care coaches suggest you should be doing, please review the following article.

Health Coaching Advice for your 40’s

The article, “Making Significant Changes in Your Early 40s”, by Nancy Deville states

“The early 40s are the years to make significant changes to head off accelerated aging. It’s a “make or break it” time of life. You can tailspin into aging, or you can revamp and renew yourself.”

For the full article please go here.

As you can see health coaching can help you well into your 40’s.   All you have to do is exercise more, eliminate toxins, eat healthy, and get your 8 hours of sleep.    Once you start doing this you will notice a healthy and better you.
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