Holistic Nutritional Advice at the Supermarket?

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Would Holistic Nutritional Advice Help You Eat Better?









Some supermarkets are starting to put holistic nutritional advice labels on their items.  Labels like; heart healthy, high in calcium, low in sodium, etc are beginning to show up on popular items informing customers on what holistic food choices they have.  This is making it easier for everyone to enjoy a holistic diet and eat healthier.   One supermarket took it a step further and conducted a study.   One group of shoppers were left to shop with just reading the labels only.   The other group was given a 10 minute consultation with a holistic nutritionist explaining what the labels met before they shopped.    The results were surprising:

Holistic Nutritional Advice at the Supermarket?

The article, “Healthy Supermarket Shopping: Is An In-Store Nutritionist The Secret To Healthful Choices?”, Source: Huffington Post states

“How do you make healthy choices at the grocery store?

We’ve all heard the advice: avoid the center aisles where processed food abounds and stick to the produce, meat and dairy sections around the perimeter of your grocery store.”

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Would receiving holistic nutritional advice from an in-house supermarket counselor help you choose healthier items?  It is interesting to see that when given expert advice from a holistic health care professional most people selected the healthier foods for themselves.   If holistic health care seems like something you would be interested in learning more about then maybe you would like to check out our website.