Counseling Those Through the Guilt of Abortion

Counseling the Guilt of Abortion

The guilt a parent feels after abortion is immense.  In counseling, one needs to not only

Life begins at conception
Life begins at conception. Also please review how to start taking christian counseling courses

address the spiritual guilt but also help the person emotionally overcome the physical and social trauma of the realization one’s child was killed through one’s own doing.  The article below reviews the guilt of one woman and how she fought through this guilt to ultimately find forgiveness in the Lord.

This article is from the 700 club and is written by Julie Blim.  It is entitled, “Mother Finds Forgiveness After Secret Abortion”

“Secrets make you sick, and this secret was killing me,” Christina Ryan Claypool admits. “I worked in ministry, a Christian TV ministry, and I didn’t want people to know. My mother didn’t know. My best friends didn’t. No one knew.”

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Counseling those who have taken the life of their own child is a difficult thing and it involves compassion, understanding and wisdom.
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2 thoughts on “Counseling Those Through the Guilt of Abortion

  1. My ministry is grateful that you are sharing my story of God’s miraculous redemption and healing from the painful aftermath of abortion. To view the complete video about my pathway of healing produced and reported by CBN’s Julie Blim please go to this You Tube link:
    May God continue to restore all those devastated by the tragedy of abortion. My book, Forgiven finding peace in the aftermath of abortion is available on or through my Website at
    Yours in the fight for life,
    Christina Ryan Claypool

    1. We are grateful that you shared your story and pray for blessings upon all expecting mothers and for wholeness of mothers who were also victims themselves of the aftershocks of abortion.

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