Stress Management for Students Facing Final Exams

As the season of spring starts to turn to the beginning of summer, students across the nation start to feel the heat.   Stress Management can help student relax as they prepare for their final exams.   An article from the Daily Sundial by Fredy Tlatenchi illustrates how some students are managing stress from their finals.

A picture of a blackboard with Final Exams wrote on it.
Test anxiety can cause a lot of stress.

Students use Stress Management.

The article, “Options for relaxing during Stress Awareness month”, by  Fredy Tlatenchi states

“With April officially being national Stress Awareness Month, preparing for the Spring 2012 finals seems almost ironic for the of students CSUN. Mastering the fine arts of scheduling, money management and learning when to relax will be a skill most freshman will need to have in order to survive the weeks and exams ahead. In a campus wide poll of 60 students, the following five places located within or around the CSUN campus were voted as the most relaxing for students and their wallets.”

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Now most of you might not be in college anymore but that does not mean you still do not feel stressed out because of exams.   Many professionals continue their education throughout their lives and need stress management techniques to deal with the added pressure.   If you would like to find out more about stress management please go to our site.