Creating your own Health Coaching Website

Health Coaching can be a fun and rewarding profession.  Getting your name out there, however, can be a completely different story.   Many health care coaching professionals do not have the education to set up their personal health coach websites.   It can be an ordeal to just get the simplest of websites running without help.   Lucky for us Karen Brunet wrote an article for on the subject.

Cartoon of a man sitting at his computer desk
Do Health Coaches need Computer Coaches?

Easy Tips to Create Your Own Health Coaching Website:

The article, “Do-It-Yourself Websites for Health Coaches”, by HealthCoachWeekly states

“You want a professional website that will help you grow your health coaching business. But you donʼt want the ongoing expenses of paying a webmaster.  And you donʼt want to spend frustrating weeks – or even months – trying to figure out how to put all the pieces together.  Is there a way to have it all?”

For the full article please go here.

Once you get become familiar with the software and the design of your website, you will be able to focus on health coaching.   By following the advice in the article, you should have your own health coach website up and running in no time!   If you wish to learn more about health care coaching you should visit our website.  

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