Ethics of a Christian Counselor

A Christian counselor shares many of the same ethical standards any counselor or professional would have. This obviously includes respect of each person and their general welfare. It also includes confidentiality and a seal of silence.
In regards to sexuality, a counselor should use extreme caution when the person begins to compare him or her to a spouse or ex boyfriend or girlfriend. On the other side of the spectrum, a counselor should rediagnose one’s professional relationship if one starts to prolong sessions or find excuses to see the person they are counseling outside of the office. If such things occur, it may be wise to refer the person to another counselor. In addition to this, one should be aware of flirtations, personal telephone calls, touching, or any conversations with sexual topics.
Beyond these basic ethical standards, the basic paradigm of the counselor as a parent is critical. A parent is concerned with the well being of one’s children and gives them the best advice possible. If a counselor is able to keep this view and adhere to these standards, one has a less chance of entering into complicated situations. With this in mind, a Christian Counselor also goes beyond these standards and is obliged to give sound good Biblical advice. The ethics of God must always be presented for any situation. While secular counselors can give advice according to what they feel is best, a Christian Counselor is called to a higher standard.

Christian Counselors are hence called to a higher calling in that they have a spiritual and moral obligation to teach the Gospel of Christ. With such a high calling, they are liable before God as any other teacher, clergy member or parent in their counseling and teaching. Christian Counselors are called to a high vocation and with such a high vocation they have a high responsibility to provide not only counseling ethical standards but also Christian standards that pertain to counseling and life.
If you are interested in the Christian Counseling Program, please review it.  A certification in Christian Counseling can be earned by qualified professionals who complete the courses.