5 Techniques for Better Meditation while Exercising

Meditation is an excellent way to relieve stress and achieve inner peace.   It helps to relax us after a busy day or prepares us for a hard task.  Meditating is just like any other exercise and with exercise we have to use the right form.   The same can be said about meditation.  In fact meditation can be used during exercise as well to keep focused on the proper form.  In an article by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche from the Huffington post he writes about 5 ways for better meditation while exercising.

Young woman drinking water
Have you ever meditated during your exercises?

5 Meditation Techniques to Train our Minds and our Bodies

The article, “5 Tips for Running With the Mind of Meditation”, by Lodro Rinzler states

“When I began running, naturally I found myself applying the principles of meditation to my exercise. For me, this seems natural because running is a training of the body, and meditation is a training of the mind. Ideally, we do not have to decide which is better.”

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Through meditation we will be able to get more out of our exercise and not only strength our bodies but our minds as well.    If you wish to learn more about meditation and meditation techniques please visit our website.