Managing Your Stress

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We encounter stress in our lives most everyday. It is a common denominator among all people. While stress abounds today, many people do not have any learned strategies to cope effectively with it. In this new book, the author does an excellent job in teaching us how to cope better. It is a wonderful addition to the ever growing literature on stress management.

Stress Management Education

In her new book “Mastering Tranquility: A Guide To Developing Powerful Stress Management Skills” (published by Balboa Press), D’Ecclesis shows readers how to eliminate stressful habits while cultivating good actions.

“tress. Medical practitioners have long attributed many of modern society’s ailments and chronic diseases to this seemingly omnipresent culprit. But how to rid stress from one’s life is still a debated issue. Enter author Nora D’Ecclesis to the rescue.”

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This new work is an uplifting read. Learning to become more tranquil will go a long way in dealing effectively with stress and as an illness prevention strategy. To learn more about stress management, click here.

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